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Spinach is a popular known leafy green . Not as bitter as Kale, but still considered sligthly bitter and commonly rejected by most children.


Spinach is widely accesible to us and provides some of the most beneficial benefits for our bodies. For that reason , we MUST make sure our babies grow to have a taste palate acceptant to the bittnerness of Spinach


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  • One of the best foods to eat when pregnant

    FOLATE FOLATE FOLATE-  Spinach is bursting with folate, which makes it one of the best foods to eat when pregnant. It's imperative to healthy infant development. It helps prevent serious defects of the spine and brain.

    IRON- consuming spinach may help meet the iron requirements of the body and prevent anemia.

    Calcium: The bioavailability of calcium in spinach might help in maintaining the blood pressure levels .Thus it may help prevent gestational hypertension

    Vitamins: A rich source of vitamins A and C micronutrients, may help strengthen the immune system. 

    Consuming spinach during pregnancy adds to your daily intake of vitamin B, which is essential for the development of the baby’s nervous system



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