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Why Kale? Kale should be consumed on a regular daily basis to not only provide antoixdants to mom, but also to introduce your baby to bitter flavors. 

Kale is one of the more bitter veggies and most commonly rejected by children. By introducing Kale to your baby, you will prepare their taste buds to be familiar with and more acceptatnt to not only Kale, but other bitter and bland veggies once introduced to thier first food. 

Check out our TIPS page, on next steps when it's time to introduce your baby to his or her 1ST FOODS


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    • Vitamin K- Among all green vegetables, KALE has the highest vitamin K content, giving you another reason to include it in your pregnancy diet.  Helps you reduce the chances of serious bleeding, because it helps the blood to clot. Moreover, it helps in keeping the blood vessels strong
    • Fiber- Boosts your overall digestive health
    • Vitamin A- Crucial for the development of baby’s eyes, heart lungs, kidneys, bones and other systems
    • Vitamin C- Helps boost your immunity during pregnancy, protecting you from common infections like cold and cough, but also reduces your chances of developing pregnancy anemia. Vitamin C is also crucial to your baby’s physical development as well
    • Magnesium-  Helps treat leg cramps, and prevents the uterus from contracting pre-maturely. Magnesium is also responsible for your baby’s strong teeth and bones
    • Calcium- Helps in the development of the baby’s bones and teeth. Helps promotes prevention of  the mother from hypertension and pre-eclampsia as well

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