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Did you know carrots were apart of the STUDY, tested by researches. Babies were seen smiling inside the womb after mom consumed carrot VEGGIE SUPPLEMENT. Moms that consumed carrots during pregnancy and breastfeeding, well their babies went on to be acceptant to carrot flavor baby food once intorduced to their 1st foods? The moms that didnt consume carrots, their babies were not as acceptant. 


The research casts light on why people are so deeply attached to foods of their cultures. Carrots are another very beneficial vegtable providing important nutrients to our health. Although it's not as bitter as other veggies, we need to train our babies to be more acceptant to the widely accesbile veggies we have available that prove to be beneficial. 


Click here for carrot recipes to include in your diet as well! 


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  • Eating carrots during pregnancy is highly beneficial for you and your growing baby.  

    ANTIOXIDANTS: Carrots are known for their antioxidant properties, which can help protect your body from harmful free radicals and support overall maternal health

    VITAMIN A:  Vitamin C is needed to help with the development of bones, teeth and hair, as well as maintaining and developing the epithelial tissue, how reproductive organs function, strengthening the immune system and protecting the skin

    VITAMIN K: Vitamin K is beneficial when it comes to the development of protein in the liver and your baby’s bones

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